Anti-Copy Protection for Windows Software

A user-friendly and reliable Copy Protection System
Your .EXE file is secured in no time with our exeSecureTool
exeSecureTool supports all .EXE Formats Apologies, currently .NET Only
Activation Server already present and based on activation by e-mail
Your .EXE file is automatically encrypted and protected against decompilation

What is exeSecure?

exeSecureTool builds the shown Activation Window into your .EXE-file. This Activation Window prevents your application from unauthorized use and is 'connected' to your account at exeSecure. Access to your application is based upon e-mail identification.

See How it Works !

Quick view of how exeSecure protects Windows executables. Our simple exe locking tool takes an input executable, and adds to it that it requires contact to the exeSecure activation server, before it can launch.
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